Wedding Invitation Commission - D + P

I Illustrated & designed these cards (wedding & reception) & envelopes (wedding & reception) for a lovely client. 

For the Wedding they wanted something that reflects a traditional south indian tamil wedding - flowers, motifs, lights & colors that reflect the rich culture.

For the Reception they wanted something fun and at the same time something that reflects the bride ( she is from Bahrain ) and groom’s (he is from Tuticorin ) background.  So the design has to be a combination of desert & sea. 

Set of cards & envelopes

wedding card

reception card - front

reception card - from & back

reception card & envelope

envelopes - wedding (left) & reception (right)

It was super fun & great experience working on this project.

Thanks Vidya for trusting me & giving me this project :)


  1. Oh wowww. I love love love this! Brilliant!! And I love how you've arranged the leaves and flowers around it for the photo taking! So beautiful.

    There are SO many things I love about this - the actual illustrations themselves, the flowery pattern within the envelope, the flowy text, the colours! I hope you get lots more wedding invites to least so I get to see them at the end! So pretty.

  2. I love love love it. Your sense of colour and so spot on! :) great work Maheswari! :)

  3. image of the wedding cadres are different i get some new ideas for planning my wedding in android mobile thanks