100% Local ~ The Sacred Journey

I was asked to contribute to the 100% Local edition.

100% (founded by Sameer Kulavoor & Lokesh Karekar) is India's first visual art zine which showcases contemporary designers, illustrators   and    visual  artists doing cutting edge original work. Each issue has 100% focus on one topic. Artists are invited based on theme and approach. The purpose of this exercise is to bring together work of artists from different backgrounds, sensibilities and aesthetics in each issue under one common theme. hundredpercentzine.tumblr.com

            image: 100% zine
rough drawings from my sketch book

   The Sacred Journey
~ This illustration is about our journey, our experiences through many lives, many births.

God – Birth – Life – Experiences – Death – Reincarnation – Enlightenment – Oneness – God

I believe it’s a cycle, a process. We go through different lives, different experiences. 
We evolve, we become enlightened. We become One. We become God.
We are God.

 Printed Zines
  you can buy it online here - http://www.tadpolestore.com/hundred-percent (and they ship worldwide)

    Image: India Culture Lab/ 100% Zine      During the launch Left - Lokesh Karekar    Right - Sameer Kulavoor  
Thank You Sameer & Lokesh!


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