dreamer tea towel

dreamer tea/dish towel

This cotton tea towel is hand screen printed with one of my favorite design 'dreamer'.

It adds great style to your kitchen!

Apart from drying washed dishes it can also be used as a wrapping cloth, as a spread or it can simply be hung on walls for decorative purposes.

This Towel would be a great gift!

the size of the tea towel is 18.5 in x 21 in ( approx.)

its printed on 100 % cotton fabric.

Pre - Washed

Each Towel is hand screen printed and sewn.

Also comes with a fabric loop at the back to hang!

(images: maheswari janarthanan)


  1. Wow. loveeeeeeee the tangerines!!! :D

  2. Maheswari, I don't think I ever told anyone how much i love tea towels, and yours are adorable!
    Btw, Im trying to figure out where you're at?

  3. :) thank you so much :)

    I am from chennai, India :)

  4. Oh darn, i was going to invite you for a cup of tea:)

  5. haha :) thank you so much for the invite! :)